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Biography Lê Văn Huynh

My full name is Lê Văn Huynh (also known as Huynh ICT*), I’m 20 years old and still a student. I was born in Thái Bình province, which has many national heroes and a lot of traditional villages. I have a cozy family in which there are four people. My parents are farmers who I am very proud of them and love the most. My brother works as a programmer in FPT Corp. Currently, I live with him in Ha Noi.
I am now studying English linguistics at Ha Noi University of Industry, which specializes about technology more than Economy. I feel disappointed about this. Sometimes in my mind, I wonder how can I learn this major. There are some reasons I will show you know why I dramatically changed below:
From childhood, My goal was to become a programmer and I passed Faculty of Information Technology at UNETI. but afterthat, I thought It was too hard for me to study and I couldn’t take a good job if I learned this university . Day by day, I decided to try again in another better university. The first decision, I had to learn at Ha noi University of Science by all means. Otherwise, I was not sure for my first decision, so that I decided to apply to an additional university, which I am studying now.
My passion is to create all kinds of website in everytime, everywhere. During two years at secondary school together with three years at high school, instead of spending time studying at school, all time I created and developed nearly one hundred websites in all fields on feature phone as well as computer, which were learned on the internet. Moreover, I studied how to use and modify a lot of programs on my computer and mobilephone at that time. by all experience gained, I successfully used to hack, cheat, install software for my friends without bringing it out the repair shops.
Right now, I really feel myself as a fool person because I spent a lot of time on useless things.
Tip: You just have one way to contact me via my facebook let’s search with keyword “Huynh ICT” on facebook and google. I do this in order to ensure my private info is protected.
*ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology in the past when I learnt this brand, but It is changed that means the first 3 letters of (Intelligent – Creative – Truthful) from now. I hope that I can also have as changeable as this slogan in the future.

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