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Download tổng hợp sách luyện thi IELTS


1. Ideas for Ielts topic – Simon – Ebook + word full download ok
2. The Official Cambridge Guide to Ielts – Full book ok
Link dự phòng
3. Sheep or ship ok
4. Ielts Practise Test Plus 1 + 2 + 3 – Full books + CD ok
IELTS Practice Test plus 1:
IELTS Practice Test plus 2:
IELTS Practice Test plus 3:
5. Cuốn sách Speaking for Ielts – Collins Full book + 2 CD ok
6. IELTS write right ok
7. Cuốn Ielts Sure Success for 7+ Band ok
8. Check Your Vocabulary for English for the Ielts Examination – Rawdon Wyatt ok
9. Ielts Preparation and Practice reading ok
10. Action plan for Ielts ok
11. Academic Writing Practice for Ielts ok
12. Reading Test by McCarter And Ash ok
13. Reading for Ielts – Collins ok
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14. English Collocations in Use ok
15. Listening for Ielts – Collins ok
16. Ielts tests essentials – Thomson ok
17. Step to Ielts
18. Improve Your IELTS Reading Skills
19. Improve Your IELTS Writing Skills
20. Improve your IELTS – Listening and Speaking skills
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21. Focus on Ielts – Full book + CD ok
Tải xuống và nhớ giải nén với pass huynhict
22. Linking word and phrase Linking Words & Phrases Download here
23. Writing Link download from HuynhICT.Cf:
‘Siêu nổi tiếng’ là quyển Write Right Link download: Mediafire
24. Verbal advantages
4. Download
25. New insight into IELTS student book
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26. New insight into IELTS practice test
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27. Listening strategy for IELTSTải xuống
28. Download cac loai sach IELTS tai day
31. Link tải IELTS từ 1-9
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32. 202 useful exercises for IELTS
33. Bộ Complete IELTS ban 4-5-6-7
34. Cambridge grammar for IELTS
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