Huynh - Tâm - B.Hà - B.Nhung - B.Hằng - Tươi | Memories at high school

In the last days of high school's year, together with my close friends. We decided to stay at school after class to create memories by taking photos on my Panasonic Camera .
According to our plan, we would have a parody all member sing together clip about memories that we had any experiences at high school with the ability we can completely make a video like 12A2 I43 had done. but due to some my private reasons we did not perform it anymore. That is a pity!
Now, By the way...
Watching and feeling.

Minh Tâm – Huynh (me) Let's see me on the right! I'm looking slim and weak :(

Try to fly on sky but I can't

Minh Tâm, Tươi and Me on Nhung’s bicycle, I don't wanna talk anymore

Smiling eyes headline

Look serious, I was on the third floor.

 I feel sooooo happy

Hope the website keep these photos forever.